Birthovations Services

​Birthovations respectfully and happily support all options without bias or agenda, including cesarean births, medicated or unmedicated births, homebirths, vbacs, adoptions and surrogacies. 


  • Shorter Labor 25%

  • Reduction In Cesarean Rate 50%

  • Reduction In Epidural Requests 60%

  • Reduction In Analgesia Use 30%

  • Reduction In Forceps Delivery 40%


Birth Doula Package $700  

IF HIRED, I require a non-refundable retainer fee $200 to place you on my calendar and full payment is due by 38 weeks. I do provide a $100.00 discount if you choose to pay the fee in full at one time.

  • ONE prenatal visit

  • Discuss what to expect during labor

  • Create your birth plan, comfort measures 

  • Hands on work with my rebozo, position options

  • Discuss thoughts, concerns and answer any lingering questions.

     (This is a time to build a perfect match

  • 24 hour on-call phone, email, text support throughout PREGNANCY & LABOR. 

  • Emotional and physical support, verbal coaching during the duration of labor & birth (as needed)

  • Immediate Postpartum: Help with basic breastfeeding support in first hours after birth

  • Postpartum visit within 3 weeks giving birth

Sibling Support Package

  • $150 non-refundable

  • on-call 24/7

  • $50 per hour during labor

A sibling support doula is present during labor and birth to offer complete emotional support for your older child. This specialty package includes one 2 hour prenatal visit where the doula will spend time to get to know your child. I will be on call for you 24/7 in your due date range (from 38-42 weeks).   When you are in labor, I can meet you at the hospital/birth center to offer emotional support for your older child. I can answer questions as they come up, provide distractions when your child needs to take a break, and offer immediate sibling integration support once baby is born.

Baby showers / Blessing ways

Think about what you really need for your new baby. I mean what you really need. It’s probably not another set of receiving blankets. Birth doula support, postpartum doula support, anything that helps to support you during labor  – that is what you are really going to appreciate more than most of the material items that manufacturers would like you to think you need. Ask friends and family to contribute to your Doula fund.

Payment Plans

You can arrange to make regular smaller payments rather than a lump sum payment. I offer flexible payment plans, with most requiring payment in full by around 38 weeks. 


$100.00 Travel fee for births / home visits that occur 25 miles outside of the 74115 zip code. 

**Out-of-state fees or further than 25 miles will be billed by the mile and expenses.

**We will travel for clients outside of the 25 miles (including other states or out of the country) with additional fees. Please contact Toni to reserve.